CARLOW: A Journey Through Craft Shops and Local Artistry

Ireland is famous for its traditional craft makers and support of local artists, and Carlow is a county that boasts an incredible amount of talent. From local craft shops to skilled artisans practicing age-old techniques, the county offers a vibrant tapestry of creativity waiting to be explored. Below are a few such gems if you are in search of some original souvenirs to enjoy or just to gift to friends and family.

Preserving Heritage: The Importance of Artisanal Craftsmanship

In an age of mass production, the craftspeople of County Carlow pride themselves as standing guardians of tradition and craftsmanship. Through their dedication to celebrating Ireland’s rich cultural heritage, they ensure that the soul of their craft lives on for generations to come.

Located in the heart of the town, on Tullow Street

‘Made in Carlow’ represents several local and regional artists including potters, painters, jewellers, and photographers. It is certainly worth a visit to view their large selection of paintings and beautifully crafted products. Open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

The Gate Lodge of Borris House

This speciality craft store is managed by jeweller Emma Jane Champley and feltmaker Leiko Uchiyama, who both have a passion for supporting local artisans.

Southwell Studio, Drumgoole, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny

Not only is Clare a talented and visionary ceramics artist, but she also offers pottery classes and workshops on selected dates.

By supporting local artisans and craft shops, visitors not only bring home unique and meaningful souvenirs but also contribute to the sustainability of traditional trades and the local economy. Whether it’s a handcrafted pottery mug or a beautifully woven scarf, each purchase becomes a cherished reminder of your visit to the heart of Ireland’s ancient east, Carlow.

Avlon House B&B are always happy to signpost you to some of our local shops and talented artists and can advise you of any upcoming exhibitions and pop up shops that open throughout the summer season.